Our mentors:

Vuvuca (Artemizia), head of kindergarten, has a son in the project: Liedson

Juliana, tutor in kindergarten, has three children in the project: Eliana, Fabio and Viviane.

Aracy is an educator and currently in her pregnancy. Until now she has a child in the project: Tainara. We look forward to the second child.

Our coordinator in kindergarten: Crisolita.

Our cook: Virginia, has a godchild in the project: Suzy

Responsible for cleanless: Iva, has two daughters in the project: Ari and Djeny

Our supervisor at the water tank: Nita, has four children in the project: Alejandro, Ailton, Cleudir and Diogo.

Our school bus driver: Mancas.

Our caretaker: Rui da Graça, has a daughter in the project: Nelida.

Our manager: Ivete, has three sons in the project: Ju, Rodrigo and Naidir

The AACTB Child Centre is directed by Sonia, teacher, psychologist and supervisor.

People remunerated for their work can provide for themselves and their families. They have chances to buy food, afford an apartment, pay rent, etc. If a person has no income, he is in poverty and is dependend on others. Even so many donations or gifts, such as smart phones, will only supply for food or clothing, but not for self-realization. It is important to enable people to help themselves, e.g. chance of educational and the way out of poverty. It can be achieved by people being employed and paid for their work. It will not succeed if keeping the dependency and deprive their responsibility for themselves.