Extension project

In the school year 2017/2018, we are accommodating, looking after and feeding more than 200 children at our Child Centre for the first time. More children than ever before are filling our AACTB Child Centre (nursery and day-care centre) with life and laughter. 

There are still by far not enough nursery places on Sal. The AACTB Child Centre with its nursery school project is and remains an option primarily for families which cannot afford the regular nursery schools. We are pleased to say that our nursery school is very popular, but not only because we are cheaper than regular nursery schools, but also due to our good and meaningful work with the children.  At the same time, this enormous demand presents us with new challenges. Our premises were already bursting at the seams last year and we were hoping to extend the Child Centre building. As there is not yet enough money for a permanent extension in our piggy bank, we decided to erect a temporary extension at the end of 2017. 


Once again our caretaker Jose Rui did brilliant work, building a “zero cost salon” for our Child Centre during November and December 2017 in record time, with the help of a few men from Terra Boa. We say thank you to Rui and his helpers and to all the companies who donated materials. Fantastic! But the extension project is still ongoing: We urgently need donations for extending our AACTB Child Centre, because we also have to expand our sanitary facilities and build at least two more common rooms. 

We are urgently looking for supporters or sponsors for this project. If you would like to support our building work directly, please contact us or mark your donation with the comment: Extension project AACTB Child Centre Terra Boa.