Project garden

During the summer holidays 2016, the AACTB Child Centre in Terra Boa started on its garden experiment as part of the holiday programme. As food is very expensive on Sal, we want to grow our own vegetables for our kitchen and contribute to our Nutrition project. We had been wondering if we could use the local “Terra Boa” (good soil) to plant vegetables and expand the menu of our kitchen with our very own homegrown vegetables. We started setting up the garden and searched for old tires to build a traditional wall with these using water and soil. We went on excursions, visited agricultural projects and asked for advice. We also received donations in the form of seeds and plants. Over the course of the last 18 months, we tried various growing methods and plant types. We found out that European seeds will not take root, due to the salty air and soil. We now grow local vegetables such as kale, coriander, peppers and tomatoes. A big thank you goes to Rui, our caretaker, multitalent and manager of this great project. Watch this space.